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Alabama’s Most Luxurious Mansion Has an Even Cooler Driveway

This extremely massive mansion is located in an exclusive Alabama neighborhood. Nicknamed Château Montagel, the home covers 57,000 square feet and it sits on a breathtaking 27 acres of land. From above, the property’s most fascinating feature has to be it’s long, guitar-shaped driveway. It was auctioned off back in 2017 and whoever ended up paying just $4.8 million for this compound of a home definitely got it for a steal. Continue on for more photos of this amazing mansion located 25 miles outside of Birmingham, Alabama.

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Who Knew an Outhouse Could Be Luxurious?

The fanciest outhouse you’ll ever lay eyes on is located in Australia’s luxuriant Kangaroo Valley. The exterior of the small, standalone structure is covered in mirrors — it’s almost invisible during the day. And if you think that’s impressive, wait until you see the inside. Take a gander at the world’s fanciest outhouse and make sure to follow its creators, Madeleine Blanchfield Architects, on Instagram at @madeleineblanchfieldarchitects.

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