This Couple Started the #FollowMeTo Trend

Russian photographer Murad Osmann and his then-girlfriend Natalia had no idea what they were starting when Osmann captured a photo of Natalia pulling away from him on their first vacation together in 2011. The photo was popular with the couple’s friends and grew into a viral sensation. The Osmanns now have a combined Instagram following of over 5 million users, and they've launched a website and Instagram dedicated to their #FollowMeTo project. Continue on for some Osmann’s work and make sure to follow their Instagram page at @followmeto.


Kendall Jenner's $6.5 million Hollywood Hills Residence

It seems as if every member of the Kardashian family purchases a lavish mansion as a rite of passage into adulthood. No stranger to the tradition, supermodel and reality TV star Kendall Jenner purchased her first pad for $6.5 million in West Hollywood. Previously owned by Hollywood elite John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, Kendall negotiated the $6.5 million price point down from the original $8M listing, according to TMZ. A win-win for both parties, John and Emily originally purchased the home in 2009 for just under $1.6 million.


Michelle Obama at her Best

Michelle Obama’s time as the First Lady of the United States were memorable and productive. Her Let’s Move and Let Girls Learn campaigns often put her in direct contact with aspiring children and their parents. Her personal accomplishments are inspiring as well — she graduated from Harvard Law School, worked as an intellectual property lawyer and served as the University of Chicago’s Associate Dean of Student Services. Continue on for some of the intimate moments captured by Obama White House photographer Lawrence Jackson. For more of Jackson’s work, make sure to follow him on Instagram at @jackimages.