Aquarius daily

general | aquarius today
Plans that excite and inspire you one minute could lack the fuel needed to get them underway the next. So, you may need to be a bit more selective about what you pursue or throw yourself into. Normally, our hearts say 'go, go, go,' and our heads say 'slow, slow, slow.' But, in your case now, it's right to be the other way around!
love | aquarius today
You could be left in no doubt now or shortly about how loved and admired you are. If you're single, you won't struggle to separate comments that certain people probably make to anyone from those intended for you! But regardless of how flattered or loved-up you feel, it's in your best interests to remain tethered to reality.
health | aquarius today
You're fit and capable, but may suffer lapses and be creating problems of your own. Unfortunately, you're inclined to neglect yourself and are slow to address problems or resolve them satisfactorily. Because of bad habits, you thought had been cured, that are emerging again, you try your best to resolve these issues.
money | aquarius today
Your finances won't do so well today so be careful or you might suffer losses. Some people will try to take you for a ride. Be sceptical of advice others give you. Some of them could well be self-seeking and dishonest, thinking only of their own interests.