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The Moon could encourage you to reassess your definition of the word 'spiritual.' If you recently had an unusual or unsettling experience, then you could find you gain a broader perspective toward what's unseen or mysterious in this world or another. But there could be much that you learn about yourself by assessing, layer upon layer, spiritual beliefs you've carried since childhood.
love | cancer today
What – or who - may have felt restricted in your emotional world could feel more accessible. You have a chance to establish or strengthen a special connection. However, doing so means taking a confident step toward a passionate and possibly postponed goal. Romance is calling, and the only obstacle to seizing this opportunity is fear. Don't let something so small pose a problem!
health | cancer today
Not paying attention to your health, or being aware of any inappropriate conduct, you easily lose confidence, through lack of consideration for your wellbeing. Usually, you notice you're stressed when it's too late and then must rebuild your constitution with proper food and exercise to regain your composure.
money | cancer today
If you plan to make some financial transactions, wait a little and think things over at your leisure. There are some obstacles in the way that prevent the matter being handled as smoothly as you imagined. Even though you'd like to buy something, far better to wait if you want a favourable outcome.

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