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If you sense an imbalance in a particular relationship, then it could be due to a control issue or possibly more than one. But if you have felt unsure about raising this matter or approaching it, a way forward could be found now or shortly. What you do now is for the good of this special connection. Reminding somebody of that might be the first step needed.
love | cancer today
Your ability to step in and offer TLC to someone when it's needed is awesome. But before you switch into caregiving mode with a lover or someone close, stop briefly to see if your perceptions are correct. What you believe the one you love needs could be slightly off-kilter. They might appreciate closeness and togetherness - but of the low-pressure kind.
health | cancer today
You're fit and well, relying on inner confidence to strengthen your emotional defences, you're able to keep control of your eating habits, making a healthy, balanced nutrition your top priority. It's only when you avoid too much alcohol or eating stodgy and sugary foods, your well-being and balance is maintained.
money | cancer today
This is a bad day for doing successful business. Steer clear of risky projects, since your chances of making a profit are slim. In the long run you could suffer considerable losses and will regret today's decisions. You are prone to let yourself be cheated when conducting smaller transactions, so don't let this happen.

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