Capricorn daily

general | capricorn today
Sometimes, we need to take a longer but more imaginative route to make a point effectively. But we must also try to use as few words as possible. That's why 'picture power' often helps. So, if you must take more time to convey your thoughts or feelings descriptively, do so. That could be the best move to get someone to understand you properly and with as little reiteration as possible.
love | capricorn today
The spiritual Moon aims its energy at your subconscious and imagination now. So, if fantasies seem to manifest one after another, that might explain why. But your intuition is heightened in a way that can make achieving closure in your emotional world noticeably easier. With closure comes healing, and your ability to bring both cannot and should not be underestimated!.
health | capricorn today
You feel that all you want to do is put your feet up and let your mind wander. You're not normally bothered about being inventive and curious, but you try experimenting with a new sports activity or a recipe from the Mediterranean kitchen. Doing something healthy and creative, you gradually rekindle your enthusiasm.
money | capricorn today
Things are looking good where finances are concerned. Every transaction is running well and the usual struggles and competitiveness become unnecessary. Use this quiet phase to find out about new investments. You should really make the effort, because things are running smoothly now, and you'll soon have new ideas. Don't be content to rest on your laurels or you might regret it later.

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