Capricorn daily

general | capricorn today
You appear to feel passionate about an idea or a plan. You could probably pursue this successfully single-handedly. But there are benefits to collaborating with at least one other person. The thing is, someone else is equally passionate about whatever has you fired up. That means the occasional disagreement is likely. Don't see this as problematic. Shared passion can be harnessed brilliantly.
love | capricorn today
You could see a romantic or relationship scenario as either 'black' or white' at this time. You might see it in an unnecessarily restrictive way and not see where flexibility exists. Also, try to be fair where you sense any imbalance. You might believe you do more than your fair share in a special connection - but the scales could be tipped a bit unfairly there, too.
health | capricorn today
Introducing physical activities your positive feelings improve as you build on your core strength and the rhythm of your routine achieves a specific level of equilibrium, you feel fit and well-rested. Recognizing your vitality others come to rely on your strength in the event of any pressurized situation that crops up.
money | capricorn today
Dealing with financial matters in a totally relaxed way, others may be stressed and fearful, but you cope with the situation in a straightforward and calm manner. You are courageous enough to act at the right moment and to make profits. Don't overdo it, because pride comes before a fall, and you would ruin all you achieved.

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