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general | scorpio today
You know where you could probably use some helpful and preferably experience-based wisdom or guidance. But your usual sources might not be useful, and seeking advice broadly from others could add to confusion. But your most valuable asset right now is you. Don't fear being guided by a hunch. You could find its message to be just as accurate as one from the wisest person you know!
love | scorpio today
An urge to connect with friends or possibly one, in particular, could intensify. But if a secret agenda involves discussing your personal affairs, then disappointment is likely. It would help for you to look inward and acknowledge what's changing in your emotional world. Both you and it are evolving. That's something to welcome. With a bit of time, both will be synced wonderfully.
health | scorpio today
Full of positive energy and vitality, finding the correct mixture of exercise and recreation helps create a healthy mind and body. You're able to use this energy to break free from any previously acquired bad habits and unhealthy activities. Your determination is strong, and your desire to give up is greatly enhanced.
money | scorpio today
You're out of luck where financial issues are concerned, and your state of mind is so bad that you cannot heed your own intuition. You have trouble even finding good offers. If you try to force success to happen, the opposite will occur. Stay calm and keep clear of risky investments.

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