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general | aquarius today
Sometimes, facing a fear is the bravest thing we can do. But there can also be a connection between facing a fear and healing a deep, inner wound. We want to release ourselves from an emotional burden. But when we discover a fear forms part of the process, the process can grind to a halt. The release you want needs you to accept the connection. It's time to address both.
love | aquarius today
You'd be wise to assess the atmosphere or vibe accurately before instigating a particular conversation now. If you detect even a hint of defensiveness or angst on a lover's part, then take that as a clue that one discussion topic should be postponed. Connect with what's positive and, where possible, allow affectionate actions to replace words – for now.
health | aquarius today
You're able to accept responsibility for the fact that you don't always feel good about yourself. It's no big deal if you cannot keep up with others and have less stamina than you expect. It's better to listen to the signals from your body and take a short rest rather than push yourself too hard and run the risk of fatigue.
money | aquarius today
As you cannot know what the future holds and things can change quickly, prepare to be flexible, also in financial matters. You might suffer unpleasant consequences if you make a big investment or acquisition now. If you're given this advice, remain sceptical and take some time to consider, as the information might not be the best.