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Who is our harshest critic? Why, we are, of ourselves, of course! We nurture doubt during times when we should give ourselves well-deserved pats on our backs. However, you have a reason to feel proud of and optimistic about certain circumstances now. Never mind what you think you could or should have done differently. Instead, focus on, appreciate and celebrate what you have achieved!
love | cancer today
A romantically adventurous day is on offer! Your wish is the universe's command if you've wanted to inject excitement into your daily love routine. Attached? A dash of sexy spice could ramp things up in a relationship by straying from something habitual. Single? A clever and daring person could capture your imagination. Mutual exploration awaits!
health | cancer today
Whenever possible take extended rest periods to maintain your health. Consider a mini-vacation where you're able to spend time alone, if this isn't possible relax at home. Enjoying less hectic activities with long walks and unhurried evenings is the way to regain your strength and discover your inner peace.
money | cancer today
Even if you are receiving tempting offers on how to invest profitably, bide your time. You may not know all the facts, there might be a catch or a nasty surprise waiting, or an inconvenient coincidence will ruin your investment. Patience is a virtue, and this is particularly true for money transactions.

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