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When conveying or expressing yourself to others, you know what you intend to say. But the right words could inexplicably escape you when you need them. So, try to keep points and sentences brief. Pause to think through what to say before you say it. And if you intend to try to sound knowledgeable about something you're not, it's best for you and others to say zilch.
love | cancer today
You might be able to put responsibilities outside your emotional sphere on the back burner. But when it comes to love or intimacy, you'll need to deliver what you promise. Business in the form of essential, tedious responsibilities may need to come before pleasure. Whatever that means to you, create a priority list and clear the decks!
health | cancer today
Feeling composed and confident, not too concerned or worried about anything, you find it easy to deal with most matters. However, this doesn't apply to your physical well-being and making sure you stay fit, keep in mind if you don't stay supple and agile, and suddenly you're put under any unusual strain you won't be ready.
money | cancer today
Even if you are receiving tempting offers on how to invest profitably, bide your time. You may not know all the facts, there might be a catch or a nasty surprise waiting, or an inconvenient coincidence will ruin your investment. Patience is a virtue, and this is particularly true for money transactions.

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