Capricorn daily

general | capricorn today
Allow your focus to shift from personal matters to something that inspires you or makes you proud elsewhere. It may be necessary to create a more distinct line between close interactions and what you do in your spare time. But two separate worlds need your focus in different ways. Only you know where you could benefit from more 'you time.' Only you can make that happen, too.
love | capricorn today
You might not be able to pinpoint why an unsettling or stressful vibe exists between you and someone close. But nothing stops you from turning seriousness on its head by encouraging a more playful, light-hearted vibe. Connect with your ability to make a lover laugh from deep within. If you could bottle that and sell it as an aphrodisiac, you'd make a fortune.
health | capricorn today
If it's difficult for you to control your erratic conduct and you frequently push yourself too far, you need to take some leisure time to help yourself unwind. You must deal with this energy built up inside you and compensate for this tension in a quiet and stress-free way with a relaxing bath and get to bed early.
money | capricorn today
If you enjoy buying yourself something new, go ahead and do it! You have the means to do so, and it's about time you treated yourself. Your finances allow you to make a small investment and you are sensible enough not to overspend.

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