Capricorn daily

general | capricorn today
We know giving or applying too much attention to something - or someone - is possible. You'd think that doing so would be easily managed, but that's not always the case. Too much of anything isn't healthy, and you might need to keep an open, watchful eye on the attentiveness you give to a particular matter or person. You want to do what's right but might be a bit overpowering now.
love | capricorn today
Frustration or boredom mustn't underpin a desire for change. If anything, what you yearn to shift or experience deserves as much optimism as you can summon. You're gaining a better understanding of what's important and are supported to replace desires you may have clung to habitually. But to help progress along, revealing a fantasy to you-know-who wouldn't hurt!
health | capricorn today
If you find social situations demanding, and you overreact in an emotional way that gets you down, take steps to free your thoughts from this turmoil by getting some strenuous regular exercise. It's only in this way you'll be able to approach social situations in a more relaxed level-headed and stress-free way.
money | capricorn today
Now is the best time to go out and spend. Buy yourself something nice, but don't splash out on just one item. Instead, invest your money the smart way. Other people are being honest with you, so don't hesitate to take their advice. Whether you intend to buy something small or are investing in a big way, you can't lose, even if you spend more than usual.

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