Capricorn daily

general | capricorn today
Communication is essential for collaboration now. The more open and receptive you are to not only expressing yourself but also listening, the sooner you'll feel reassured that two heads are better than one in a particular area. You and somebody can play off your respective strengths and talents. Oh, and a shared focus on a mutual goal could also bring you closer!
love | capricorn today
Today's Full Moon opens and widens communication lines between you and someone special. This could lead to new levels of acceptance between you, too. No longer should you be afraid to admit the object of your affection might be more skilled or experienced than you in some ways. Instead, it could be time to lean on each other's respective talents or contributions to move a connection to a very new level.
health | capricorn today
Your body and mind are particularly well balanced. You possess the necessary energy to put in place long-awaited plans. Take this opportunity to acquire new reserves of strength and build up your stamina with some endurance work, so you're well prepared and ready to cope with any challenges that might lie ahead.
money | capricorn today
Even though you feel the world is yours, don't try to buy it all at once. It's important not to allow your exuberance take control of your money, so keep the overview of your finances. Think twice about whether a purchase is really necessary.

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