Scorpio daily

general | scorpio today
There could be something reassuring about having guesswork removed in a particular area. Even if information puts your mind at ease, you could still sense there's more to a scenario than you are told or shown. That might make you a bit more cautious in the future where a matter, an arrangement, or a relationship is concerned. But, for now, allow necessary 'water' to pass under the 'bridge.'
love | scorpio today
You can form or strengthen a special connection without getting too deep or intense now. There's no harm at all in expressing thoughts or feelings in ways that are more heartfelt or profound. But gaining a loved one's support could involve strengthening the foundations of trust at this time. You can believe there are some delightful long-term implications with doing so, too.
health | scorpio today
If you feel a bit weary, maybe you need to take a vacation. A lot of what you're motivated to do is born out of frustration or in some way antagonistic. A way to counteract these feelings is to make sure you get enough rest. Restore your composure and try doing some Yoga, or take time off from your work schedule.
money | scorpio today
You feel that everyone is being false and fraudulent and want to get their hands on your money. The anxiety this causes clouds your clear, objective judgement. Steer clear of complicated money matters. In future there will be more than enough opportunities to make good deals. Today is not the best day for this.

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