Scorpio daily

general | scorpio today
Make a point of 'stopping to smell the roses.' If you can't find any, then as the saying implies, appreciate what's worth embracing, maybe even celebrating. Ignore reasons that dampen excitement or inspiration. To make the most of both, you need to create a bit of space for magic to do what it wants to do. By hitting a pause button in some way, you'll make it easier for that to happen.
love | scorpio today
What you value in a love connection could receive special focus now. So, you could find your attention drawn to romantic security and how things stand currently. Whether solo or partnered, use this time to ponder your personal needs to ensure that romantic or relationship circumstances tick all the right boxes – or offer what you truly want.
health | scorpio today
You're fit and well, relying on inner confidence to strengthen your emotional defences, you're able to keep control of your eating habits, making a healthy, balanced nutrition your top priority. It's only when you avoid too much alcohol or eating stodgy and sugary foods, your well-being and balance is maintained.
money | scorpio today
This is a bad day for doing successful business. Steer clear of risky projects, since your chances of making a profit are slim. In the long run you could suffer considerable losses and will regret today's decisions. You are prone to let yourself be cheated when conducting smaller transactions, so don't let this happen.

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