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general | scorpio today
Some deep, personal assessment could be helpful now. But if you experience any indecision, you could probably trace that back to reluctance to remove yourself from a comfort zone - or two. You appear keen to instigate changes but also want situations to remain as they are. Releasing a tight grip on the past might help to move something forward.
love | scorpio today
Reflecting on your romantic or relationship past could bring a revelation. Regardless of how experienced you are in the name of love, you could see patterns emerging regarding how you find love or the type of lover you attract. But truth needs to be embraced positively. It can shine a helpful and timely light on how to infuse a new level of passionate energy into your love life.
health | scorpio today
If you feel unassailable, you make misplaced and unsafe assumptions, and as a result, your health may suffer. You must wake up to the reality of your conduct and develop your approach as one might do for sporting activities and practice control, maintain strength by alternating exercise with periods of relaxation.
money | scorpio today
Today is extremely promising for important new acquisitions. You have the right instincts for a good offer and are not easily intimidated. Your friends will give you honest advice if you need any. Invest any surplus cash profitably. Things will run smoothly, and you'll be sure to find the right kind of deal.

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