Aquarius daily

general | aquarius today
Nowadays, many people have credit and debit card details saved on devices to make impromptu spending much easier. But this is a time when you'd be wise to focus less on how easy it is to make purchases and more on the possible implications of overspending. So, count to ten before you click any 'Buy Now' button. Don't drink and Prime.
love | aquarius today
You might believe you're rational and sensible where spending is concerned now. But you could discover the one you love works to a very different financial agenda. So, it's worth considering if you've put your paramour in the picture about how or why you're able to justify an expense. If speculating results in accumulating, then they should listen to what you have to say.
health | aquarius today
Don't overburden your body with too much activity all at once, instead, treat yourself to a day or two of rest and avoid any more exertion. If you feel more susceptible to fatigue and a bit wearier than you normally do, get comfortable and warm in surroundings, you're accustomed to and try reading a good book.
money | aquarius today
Be cautious when dealing with money. Investing capital right now could have very negative, if not catastrophic consequences, as it's highly likely that you will back the wrong horse. If you have planned a purchase for a long time, wait a little longer – events will probably occur soon to disrupt your plans.