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Sometimes, the words 'you'll never know unless you try' aren't as helpful or reassuring as they're meant to be. They suggest somebody's indecisive about the benefits of doing something. They also suggest fear plays a part in this. But with proactive and make-things-happen Mars in your sign, any fear you're nurturing is connected with your past. Here in the present, you have reasons to be bold!
love | cancer today
You could feel a wave of warmth from a lover or potential paramour now. This could be due to you feeling reassured that a point made recently to the one you love has been taken on board. But it could also be due to balanced effort made toward creating and maintaining harmony. Knowing the one you love is as committed as you are could put hearts in your eyes!
health | cancer today
If you feel a run down, don't even consider recreational activity or exercise. Leave it for another time and refrain from any hurried activity. Having a healthy attitude towards life is about combining your desire to achieve the best results with enjoyment and pleasure. Reflecting on this is probably enough.
money | cancer today
Today is extremely promising for important new acquisitions. You have the right instincts for a good offer and are not easily intimidated. Your friends will give you honest advice if you need any. Invest any surplus cash profitably. Things will run smoothly, and you'll be sure to find the right kind of deal.

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