Capricorn daily

general | capricorn today
Don't be concerned if someone doesn't appear to reciprocate your efforts in a particular area. You might feel you're doing what's needed, yet someone is a bit too relaxed or lackadaisical for your liking. However, the progress you want to make might mean reaching out and asking direct questions. Perhaps, this person waits for you to come to them to put you in the picture?
love | capricorn today
Are you keen to create and experience a love life on par with someone else's? Of course, the grass isn't always greener on the other side of any fence. Yet, there is something about at least one relationship you see that could inspire you. You know one of the secrets to a long-lasting relationship is consistent effort. But maybe somebody has a tidbit of advice that could be precisely what you need to hear.
health | capricorn today
Being accepted by others gives you a lift and improves your confidence and self-esteem. With your new-found energy and enthusiasm, you're able to face up to any challenges and develop a more sophisticated fitness program which includes realistic goals, to help you master any new innovative exercise techniques.
money | capricorn today
With regard to finances, you may have some unpleasant experiences today and are forced to become aware of your own weaknesses. Be strong when others make you look at yourself in the mirror, it could be a positive learning experience. It will allow you to prepare for large-scale projects. Avoid big investments for the present.

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