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general | scorpio today
We can all be such fickle creatures sometimes. We want very much to make progress in a particular area. We then question or become suspicious of it when that happens. But that's often because we set such strict expectations. Try to bear that in mind if a plan comes to fruition but not in a way you hoped. Focus more on the fact that a hunch was correct.
love | scorpio today
Your Scorpion stubbornness is likely legendary. But if it's allowed to mix with rebelliousness, a wave of tension could shake a relationship. Be honest about your reasons for digging your heels in or insisting something is done your way. You'll gain more support from a loved one by encouraging rather than hampering the passionate progress both of you appear keen to make.
health | scorpio today
If you notice you're feeling rather jaded, expecting more from your body is not the best approach. Don't push yourself too hard, slowly put the brakes on your physical activity. Instead, pay more attention to eating only healthy food, try to get plenty of sleep. Simple exercise in the fresh air is how to feel much better.
money | scorpio today
In matters of business, nothing is going your way. People will try to take advantage of you in important negotiations, contacts and the market try to sell you bad products. You're naturally irritated, but this won't solve the problem. Leave big investments until a later date when the circumstances are more promising.

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