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general | scorpio today
Introducing a new routine might need you to embark upon it thoughtfully. Although desperation might not be the right word, you could be guided by a strong sense of impetuousness. However, this sense of urgency can be harnessed positively. There is a balance waiting to be found between starting as you mean to go on determinedly but patiently.
love | scorpio today
You might feel comfortable keeping something to yourself. But determined defensiveness could pose a problem. You might also believe you're mysterious, but the reality could be very different. So, don't put the one you love in a position where they slope off to find certain facts on their own. Instead, be seen to encourage two-way, 'real deal' openness.
health | scorpio today
If you're missing out on healthy living, you must make up for what your body has missed. It's no use complaining about your appearance, wanting an ideal physique, nobody is perfect anyway. Instead be active, address unhealthy eating habits; and try to include plenty of exercise in your routine.
money | scorpio today
Your finances won't do so well today so be careful or you might suffer losses. Some people will try to take you for a ride. Be sceptical of advice others give you. Some of them could well be self-seeking and dishonest, thinking only of their own interests.

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