Will Smith Brings the Fresh Prince’s Mansion to Airbnb

Will Smith and Airbnb offered up the chance to stay in the iconic mansion from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” in 2020. A limited number of visitors had the opportunity to reserve the popular TV show home for what Will and Airbnb called, “a socially-distanced staycation.” Guests had access to their own wing of the home, which was complete with a full bathroom, a swimming pool and an outdoor lounge. Additional perks included a set of turntables, a bedroom basketball court, access to the Fresh Prince’s wardrobe and meals served on silver platters. Check out photos of Airbnb's awesome recreation of the Banks' mansion from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."


“Freedom to Move” Project Brings Cultural Identity to Mask Designs

“Freedom to Move” was a joint effort between Lexus, partner of the annual Design Miami art show, and artists Tosin Oshinowo and Chrissa Amuah. Oshinowo, a Nigeria-based architectural designer and Amuah, a U.K.-based textile designer, created the detailed face masks using their artistic inclination with help from technology like 3D printing. The project celebrates west African design and history through a contemporary lens. Continue on for a look at the masks from the inspiring “Freedom to Move” project.


12 Beautiful Photos of Life in the Galápagos

71% of Earth’s surface is covered in water, so it’s logical to want to protect it from pollution and climate change. A group of photographers banded together to create an ocean conservation organization, called SeaLegacy, to help protect the delicate ecosystem. Now, the organization is seeking to convince the president of Ecuador to expand the Galápagos Marine Reserve to better protect the species that live there. Check out these beautiful photos of marine life in the Galápagos and check out the link below for more information about the cause.