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leo  •  Jul 23 - Aug 22
Chances are, as a kid, you did it. If you're a parent, then you've heard it. I'm referring to asking or being asked the question, 'are we nearly there yet'? Whether you're young or old, there are times when a journey seems to go on forever, to the point where we feel more surprise than relief when we arrive at our destination. One you've worked hard to arrive at appears imminent. A second phase of the journey is about to commence, but it promises to be easier than the first.
sagittarius  •  Nov 22 - Dec 21
Clearly, coming up with a solution to a problem means it's necessary to stop adding to it. That means there's a particular momentum you must either slow down considerably or bring to a halt before you can take the necessary action to remedy it. The more you allow it to continue, the more complex it will become. Therefore, time is of the essence. Something needs nipping in the bud before it escalates. The fact that you're aware of the issue takes you halfway to solving it.
capricorn  •  Dec 22 - Jan 19
The truth, as the old saying goes, fears no questions. We want it to arrive and sometimes wish it hadn't. But it doesn't take us long to accept that we're better off knowing the reality of a situation than kidding ourselves. Something you've suspected could be confirmed with some degree of discomfort. You might also be taken aback by a revelation that comes your way now or shortly. But trust that either scenario will arm you with what you need to finally move forward.
pisces  •  Feb 19 - Mar 20
Out of sight, out of mind. No news is good news. There are times when we interpret silence as positive and a sign that all is well. But if an area of our world goes suspiciously quiet, then we're often wise to confirm everything is hunky-dory. That scenario might apply to certain people in your world you may have become distanced from recently. Sure, we all have our own story to tell about that. But trust that reaching out to certain individuals will be appreciated now.

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